James Caan was not among those arrested.
James Caan was not among those arrested.

Sheriff's Deputies Raid Game Rooms

Harris County Sheriff's officers and vice investigators raided four illegal game rooms in the past two weeks, arresting four people and confiscating gambling equipment and nearly $36,000 in cash.

"The actions come after a new state law went into effect making it easier for law enforcement to file charges against such gambling operations, which often run on a 'fly by night' basis," according to an HCSO press release.

"The most recent bust was Tuesday at the Horse Shoe game room at 810 Sheldon Road on the east side, a few hours after a teen opened fire at the entrance, in an apparent robbery attempt, and was charged later with aggravated assault," according to the press release. "A pregnant woman accompanying him was seriously wounded and a customer was shot in the leg."

The stings also involved a game room at 5500 Barker Cypress Rd., Ste. 107; the Pik N Go convenient store at 11945 Barwood Bend Drive; and a game room at 12611 Woodforest Blvd., #A.

"Illegal game rooms not only harbor illegal gambling, but often are dens of other types of crimes such as theft," Sheriff Adrian Garcia stated in the release. "And law-abiding taxpayers don't want these operations in their neighborhoods. We'll continue to keep the pressure on."

The busts resulted in the confiscation of "$35,591 in cash, 200 gambling machine circuit boards, and eight gambling devices," according to the release.

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