Sheriff's Deputy Arrested For Selling Information

A Harris County Sheriff's deputy was arrested today and charged with selling criminal information in order to make a little cash.

Kurt Douglas Green, 42, of Hockley, worked in the jail and had access to the computers that have National Crime Information Center access. "On Jan. 19, 2010, Green exceeded his authorized access to a law enforcement computer to obtain information from the restricted NCIC database for disclosure to a non-law enforcement person for financial gain," the U.S. Attorney's office says.

Angela Dodge, a spokesperson for the office, told Hair Balls no more details could be released concerning the incident, such as what specifically was sold, to whom and for how much.

"Everything we can say is in the press release," she said. HCSO spokesperson Christina Garza did not return a phone call.

Green was arrested without incident and will be arraigned this afternoon.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia issued a statement:

The stated core values of the Harris County Sheriff's Office include meriting and maintaining the public's trust. We are accomplishing the goals vigorously and transparently through the honest hard work of our employees, but we must be just as vigorous and transparent in the effort to root out alleged wrongdoing in our agency by an extremely small number of individuals. When these rare situations happen, it hurts us all -- the honest hardworking employees who obey the rules as well as the citizens who we are obligated to serve.

U.S. Attorney Jose Angel Moreno also issued a statement:

Misuse of the authority vested in a law enforcement officer by the position of trust he holds affects us all. We -- the law enforcement community and the public at large alike - stand to lose much. The indictment unsealed today evidences our continued commitment to maintain the public's trust and the integrity of law enforcement.

Update: Garza has called back, but has no further info either. She did say Green has been a deputy since 1996, but did not know if he has had any previous disciplinary problems.

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