Sheriff's Deputy Eleazar Gongora Arrested for Sexual Abuse of a Child

Bad day for the Harris County Sheriff's Office. One longtime deputy was arrested for pretending to work, and another has been taken to jail for the far more serious crime of sexual abuse of a child.

Eleazar Gongora is an 11-year vet and is assigned to the Mental Health Unit in the jail, HCSO says.

The charge against Gongora is "continued" sexual abuse of a child.

"The victim is a girl who has been well known to Gongora," HCSO says.

"Regardless of whether the illegal behavior of a deputy takes place at work or outside of work, justice will catch up with him/her," Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "My employees are expected to obey the law in their private life as well as in their public life. We at the Sheriff's Office see no boundary between them when it comes to protecting the community."

He said of his deputies: "They are not above the law. Those who think they are have another thing coming because we will continue to police our own and clean house as necessary."

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