Sheriff's Investigators Looking for Duo in Denny's Heist (VIDEO)

Robbing a Denny's is the low-hanging fruit of the armed robbery world. Maybe that and sticking up a McDonald's are at the bottom of the crime barrel. How much are you really going to get out of people fighting the munchies at 12:30 a.m.?

Well, the Harris County Sheriff's Office Robbery Division today released a video of the latest Denny's to be robbed in the area, at 20015 Interstate 45 North on Tuesday morning.

We're positive the two suspected robbers, with outlaw bandannas over their faces in the video below, weren't just mad about those Denny's racism claims from the 1990s; no, they were out to rob cell phones and cash.

It's oddly similar to a scene in Pulp Fiction, except that this wasn't a movie and John Travolta was nowhere to be found. Just two scary dudes with guns.

Authorities said the suspects entered the restaurant and one of them held the customers at gunpoint and demanded wallets and cell phones while the other shoved an employee into the manager's office to hit the safe.

Only a true crook would take tip money, which the sheriff's office said the suspects did. The crooks also got away with an undisclosed sum from the safe and cash register before fleeing.

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