Sometimes, the house doesn't win...
Sometimes, the house doesn't win...

Sheriff's Office Makes Busts at Two Game Rooms

Harris County Sheriff's investigators seized cash, drugs, weapons and gambling devices from two allegedly illegal game rooms in southwest Harris County Thursday, according to a press release.

Acting on a tip, members of the HCSO's Game Room Task Force (a whole task force, yo!) seized the loot -- which included about $25,000 in cash and 130 motherboards -- from the rooms at 3715 State Highway 6 South (Suite 110), and 13614 Bellaire Blvd.

A man at the Highway 6 location was arrested for possession of marijuana and gambling devices; a woman at the Bellaire location was arrested for outstanding felony warrants.

According to the release, "Since January 2013, the HCSO's Vice Unit has targeted numerous illegal gambling operations, resulting in the seizure of over $150,000 and nearly 700 motherboards." (That's a lot of mother-effing motherboards.)

Also, anyone who suspects illegal gambling operations can report them to the HCSO using a free mobile app. So whip out those phones, y'all.

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