Danger! Danger ,Sherell Hamberger!!

Sherrel Hamberger: Woman Sues After Falling Off Dollar Store Toilet

Some retail outlets are known for their restroom facilities.


can't stop bragging about theirs.

On the other hand, if you're in a Dollar General Store, you probably shouldn't expect potpourri and a bidet. It might not be unreasonable to expect the toilet will remain bolted to the floor, though.

Sherrel Hamberger has filed suit in federal court over injuries she says she received while falling off a dangerous toilet in the chain's store in Powederly.

The toilet was loose "and fell over while she was seated on it," the suit says. Worse, she grabbed for the handicap rail in the stall and that, too, was loose.

She says she suffered back pain as the result of the fall, and that the owner of Dollar General, Dolgencorp Corporation, failed to adequately inspect their toilet facilities.

In its answer to the suti, Dolgencorp said it was Hemberger's fault, saying she "was guilty of certain acts of omission or negligence" that at least contributed to the fall.

Next time, hold it in til you find a Buc-ee's.

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