Shooting In Montrose Area Closes Streets

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The call came in to Houston Police around 6:30 p.m. that a white female in a black blouse shot a retired police officer in the upper arm. The officer is in stable condition, but the woman, thought to be his cousin, is currently holed up in her house on the 1400 block of Marconi, at the cross street with Bell in the Montrose area. Although she has opened and shut her door a few times, SWAT has not yet managed to coax her out of the house.

A full SWAT unit has been called in and has the house surrounded, and the surrounding houses have been cleared. Montrose northbound and southbound and Marconi are currently blocked off between W. Gray and W. Dallas. W. Pierce, W. Dallas, and W. Clay are currently restricted to residents only.

A distraught relative of the shooter was seen on Bell and Eberhard, but she declined to comment when approached by the Houston Press.

One canine unit officer on the scene, controlling traffic on Bell & Everhard, said the SWAT team had the situation under control, "And here I am blocking traffic." An electrician who cut off power to the streetlights outside the house said "There ain't nothing going on in there."

Updates will continue as the situation progresses.

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