Show Me the Money: Scott Boras Is My New Agent

First, I think we should all thank Stuart and Margaret for the wonderful job they do with the Houston Press. Let's hear some applause, people. And isn't this new version wonderful? The staples. The pages not falling out all over the place. The nice photos. I like it.

Now, on to some important news.

Like the news that Andruw Jones, after hitting just .222 with 26 home runs last season, just landed a two-year contract worth $36.2 million from the Los Angeles Dodgers. That makes him, on average, the fifth-highest paid player in baseball. And guess who his agent is, the guy responsible for this deal. Yep, that's right. Scott Boras.

So, to tie this all together, I think I should let Stuart and Margaret know that since they have money to burn on the way the paper looks, they must have money to burn on the important folks, like me. Thus, earlier this morning I placed a phone call to a certain agent. I figure that if Scott Boras can get that deal for Andruw Jones, he's going to do wonders for me.

I'd be expecting a phone call from Mr. Boras later this afternoon. -- John Royal

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