Shucks. We Were Planning on Having Burnt Pork Roast for Dinner.

Houston might be dropping in the

fat city rankings

, but the folks at Slate.com can't stop talking about our cuisine. First, there was the


on wholesaler Sysco. Now they've got

an item

on our latest delicacy: human flesh.

As you've probably heard by now, a local man has been charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and allegedly barbecuing her remains on an outdoor grill.

This alleged atrocity prompts Slate to ask: What's the smell of burning human flesh?

The answer: "Burning skin has a charcoallike smell, while setting hair on fire produces a sulfurous odor...The operators at crematoriums heat bodies to 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three hours; they liken the smell close-up to a burnt pork roast...Emergency workers and survivors of war atrocities say charred flesh simply smells like nothing else."

You can read the whole story here. — Keith Plocek

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