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Sig Byrd's Columns Making Their Way On To The Net

There are many Houstonians who mourn the fact that the columns Sig Byrd did for the old

Houston Press

are not easily available.

That's changing, though.

Byrd wrote for the old daily (and briefly for the Chronicle), describing a city that seems unreal now -- seedy downtown neighborhoods thriving with street life and hustlers, noir characters trying to get their big break (Hey, maybe it's not so different from today.)

The collection of columns, called Sig Byrd's Houston, is "flat-out one of the finest books, fiction or non-fiction, this city has ever spawned," our John Nova Lomax -- author of a book on Houston's dive bars and thus an expert -- once wrote.

The current Press (that's us!) ran a thorough look into the Byrd phenomenon back in 1994.

As we say, reading the actual columns has been tough. But now with a couple of clicks, you can see almost 300 of the columns on this Flickr page.

Robert Kimberly, a self-described "supporter of the arts," has been going through the library's microfiche files of old Press issues and transferring the images onto the Flickr page.

Go there, hit a couple at random, and check out the Houston that was Sig Byrd's.

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