Courtesy of Signtakers International
Hey, you know what you can do with your sign?

Signs, Signs, Everywhere...Oh, You Know Where This Is Going

Now that the elections are over and most of the speeches have been made, we can all take a deep breath and settle back into our daily grinds.

One problem: All those damn plastic signs are still cluttering our roadways.

But local artist Sean Morrissey Carroll has a solution. He's asking his fellow Houstonians to join Signtakers International, "a professional association for individuals involved in the practice, innovation and use of plastic corrugated signs for creative reasons."

Says the press release:

Take a minute to clean up our visual clutter, and add to our visual culture! Join concerned citizens everywhere committed to environmental, social, and economic welfare all over Harris County. Turns out all those eyesores are illegally there; City of Houston Code Enforcement is in charge of removing all those signs, and there is no way they can keep up. Houstonians are encouraged to remove all they may care to from between the sidewalk and the street anywhere in Harris County.

And just what are you supposed to do with all those plastic rectangles?

Well, according to Carroll and company, you can use them to filter water, make furniture, create a splatter guard or repair a dog house; as padding, as decoration or as target practice; or, you know, you can paint on them and make your own signs and put them back out on the street.

To learn more, check here. — Keith Plocek

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