Siniad Gonzalez: Your Glamour-Shot Mug of the Day Belongs To Getaway Driver

Not all mugshots are Nick Nolte disasters or Trinity, Texas entertainment.

Some women go for the glamor look.

Like Siniad Vanessa Gonzalez, charged with being the getaway driver for a home invasion. The three men involved in the caper are on the run, but the victim gave police a description of the BMW Gonzalez was driving and she was nabbed.

A BMW as the getaway car: Classy.

We're not sure what Gonzalez is wearing here -- a silky stole or a Walmart hoodie -- but her baleful gaze and delicate coiffe all say "It is not here I should be -- it is behind the wheel of a sleek BMW, thumbing my nose at the law."

Gonzalez, 21, has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Police have released composite drawings of the three men involved in the incident.

Here's HPD's description of what happened in the 1700 block of Sandy Trail Court about 1 a.m. February 26:

Four unknown male suspects approached the victim at his front door and forced him inside the residence. They assaulted him with a gun and bound his wife and two grandchildren. The victim said the suspects remained inside the home for about two hours, demanding money from a safe. The victim advised he did not have a safe nor money they were demanding. The suspects ransacked the residence and stole numerous items, including an iPad, iPhone and a gun before fleeing the scene.

Well, maybe she doesn't look so glamorous after all.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.