Always ready to take one for the team...

Sinking the Mariners

Wow, so the Astros swept the Seattle Mariners this weekend. I'll admit, I sure didn't see that coming. But, now the Astros head back out on the road, a place where the team hasn't been that good this season.

You know what? I really don't care. I didn't watch the games over the weekend. I was stuck in airports, then I was in Cincinnati watching Ken Griffey, Jr. close in on the 600 home run mark.

But I noticed that Mike Lamb hit a grand slam yesterday. And I noticed that Roy Oswalt finally got a win yesterday. And I see that Craig Biggio's moved to within 11 hits of the 3,000 mark. Why, the Chron's even comparing Biggio to the great Stan Musial in that though he's approaching 3,000, Biggio wants, like Musial, to do only what's best for the team. That's right, I kid you not. That was actually written in the Chron. I guess that means that Mr. Biggio will be riding the bench for the next nine games so that his .194 road batting average and .256 road on-base percentage don't hurt the team too much.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Biggio did spend most of this road trip on the bench. That way, Biggio gets his hits here, and the screaming masses can attend and worship at the alter of Drayton.

But I'm getting negative. The Astros are 8-8 on the month, and the team's moved to within nine games of the .500 mark with a record of 30-39. The Astros are still eight games back of the Brewers.

The Astros are facing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tonight, in the first of a three-game series. The Angels are leading the AL West, and the Angels have the second best record in baseball. Following Los Angeles, the Astros head to Arlington for the three-game conclusion to the all important Silver Boot Series. Then next week the Astros will have three games in Milwaukee against the NL Central-leading Brewers. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.