Six Classic Comic Covers That Could Be About Houston

The Golden Age of comics (or the Silver Age, or whatever, we're not nerds about it) had some truly entertaining covers for horror-tale collections.

The folks at io9 gathered 105 of them.

Who knew that some of them were about.....HOUSTON?!?!!?!?!!?

For instance, this one is obviously about BARC.

And that is one pissed-off looking poodle.

We're sure Mr. Greenshirt here is getting ready to inform the dogs of all the studies that have been done about BARC and how things are going to get better really, really soon.

The secret to Bill White's coiffure, revealed. Questions about his big ears, still unanswered.

THIS is what happens when you cut back on library hours!! Your vain, mad attempts to save some dollars only enrages the animal kingdom!!

You take one wrong turn in the downtown tunnel and it's bye-bye Cinnabon and hello DEATH.

Our Native American friends learn about light rail's safety record.

This could not be about any prominent Houstonian. Absolutely no one is in the closet now that we have a lesbian mayor. Right?

Mayor Annise Parker reads the budget, while the ghost of Bill White's pension schemes gets ready to spring.

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