Six Custom License Plates For UH's Horrendous 2012 Start

The 2012 football season promised to be a tough one for the UH Cougars -- their coach had moved on to greener pastures, their record-setting quarterback graduated to the NFL, a lot of adjustments had to be made -- but we're not sure anyone thought it would be this tough.

An opening-day loss to a patsy that resulted in the team's offensive coordinator "resigning." That debacle followed up with an embarrassing effort against Louisiana Tech. And now the Coogs face UCLA on the road, a team that definitely has some momentum.

Cougar fans can't be blamed if they hide their eyes in shame at what's gone down so far. But there's always the other option: Get a license plate and express yourself.

That's where the folks at myplates.com come in. And here are six suggestions. Get `em while they're as hot as the Coogs!

6. Doesn't hurt to advertise
Maybe that dude behind you at the traffic light can make the right reads without tossing INTs. You never know.

5. Honesty
The best policy. Also the first step on the road to recovery is admitting fault. Oh, and not to mention that there's no way around it anyhow.

4. No refunds, though
All right, maybe we'll give you a two-for-one offer off next year's Directional State University gimme game. If that's what it takes to win you back.

3. Depressing but true
Put this season's revised prediction on your car.

2. No, you coach! No, YOU!!!
Someone around here can coach, right? Right?!?

1. Postponing the inevitable
A last-second plea to the scheduling gods may just work. It's worth a try, at any rate.

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