Six Houston-Related eBay Items You WILL NOT Be Able To Resist Bidding On (Well, Maybe)

It's very possible to go to eBay and wonder "Who the hell would ever buy this?"

Certainly not falling into that category are the following six Houston-related items currently up for bid. Get in on `em now while you can!!

6. The hippest campaign button ever Why it's great: See the way the 7 and the 3 are slightly askew? That's because it was the Seventies, baby. You could run for mayor and not be tied into the old, outdated rules of your old man's typography. Why it isn't: While Fred Hofheinz did win two terms as mayor, he eventually pled guilty to bribing Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards in 2000. In Hofheinz' defense, this didn't exactly put him in exclusive company. Current price: $4

5. The 1976 State Democratic Convention Program Why it's great: Celebrate a time when the convention of the Texas Democratic Party actually meant something. Why it's not: The description notes "Insides are mainly concerned with rules of the party." Current price: $14.95

4. Johnson Space Center: The so-called "nerve center" of America's aerospace development Why it's great: If the insides keep the Logan's Run space-age font, we're in. Why it's not: Sub-head seems to imply that JSC is somehow not the nerve center for America's space program. We suspect a Florida publisher. Current price: $8

3. The Frost-a-tier: Cake-loving relative of the jackalope? Why it's great: Scientists are unsure if the legendary frost-a-tier still lives among us, like the jackalope or chupacabra, haunting bakery shops in order to fill his savage icing needs. Why it's not: It appears the Frost-a-tiers are "a group of individuals who share a passion for sugar." Current price: $9.95

2. The most effective button in the world Why it's great: It ended the war, didn't it? Why it isn't: Well, it did take a while. Current price: $9.99

1. Judge us not by the cover Why it's great: If you want good eating, there's no better place to look than a cookbook by the Houston Geologiical Auxiliary. Plus, the description notes that "The contributors of the recipes are named." Why it's not: If they put as much thought into the recipes as they did that cover, we'd be a little hesitant about trying them. Current price: $7.95

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