How long do I have to wear this thing?
How long do I have to wear this thing?

With Houston Humane Society Troubles, Here Are Some Other Low-Cost Vets

Now that the Houston Humane Society's vet clinic opens and closes randomly, thanks to an asleep-at-the-wheel executive director and an apathetic board of directors, we thought it would be good to present a partial list of other low-cost clinics to keep in mind.

Most of these places can hook you up with inexpensive spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, heartworm tests, microchips, heartworm prevention — pretty much everything you need to fine-tune your critter. But don't just stop at this list — there are plenty of other quality clinics that you can find online. Feel them out and find the one that feels right for you.


We were glad when this Austin-based organization came to town, and ecstatic when it opened its first brick-and-mortar location at 910 South Wayside Drive.


With locations off Durham Drive in Houston and Shaw Avenue in Pasadena, SNAP has been a trusted resource for ages. An office visit and examination is $30, which is a sweet deal.

PetCare Express

It's hard to beat a $9 office visit, which is why the wait in this walk-in clinic can be pretty long, but you aren't sacrificing quality for price. They don't spay/neuter, but the wellness and vaccination services are comprehensive.


Since 1972, Citizens for Animal Protection has been doing its best to find homes and provide wellness services for Houston's four-legged friends.

Fixin' Houston/BARC

Appointments are necessary, but a fat wallet ain't.

North Line Low Cost Veterinary Clinic

This venerable north Houston clinic pledges to treat your pets like family, which is more than we can say for some our own human family members...

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