Six Semi-Creepy Ads: Happy Times, Unless You Look Closely

Google "creepy ads" and you come across the classics of the genre: the pig butchering himself, the baby getting crushed by a giant washtub, the wife getting spanked over piss-poor coffee.

But there are other, more subtly creepy, ads that professional advertisers believed, at one point, would convince consumers to purchase product.

The folks at the blog Plan 59 specialize in these; here are seven great examples.

6. Umm, Dad? What are you looking at?

We're not sure what's odder: the kid exploring his feminine side by role-playing the Coppertone ad, or Dad going voyeur with a big smile on his face.

5. Someday You'll Be as Bulimic as Mom

The male hierarchy demands we look like hideously deformed mannequins, honey! So let's just have fun submitting!!

4. Yeah, But Who Beats It?

If we had to guess, we'd put our money on the guy in the middle.

3. I'm Sarah Palin, and I Approved This Message

Maybe if Carl Paladino had beaten Andrew Cuomo things would have been different.

2.Good Christ, This is GREAT Orange Juice!!

No shit I really mean it I really do this is fucking great orange juice probably the best no definitely the best I ever had I'm not kidding this is just some really really amazing juice and it's orange.

1. Oh Yeah: You Feel That, Baby?

Odd: Something seems to be poking into this young woman's body, and the man of the house doesn't seem unhappy about it.

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