Six Ways Comcast and AT&T Have Both Sucked for Me

For the past three years, I've had AT&T's U-verse service for Internet and cable television. I also have an iPhone and use AT&T for my cell service (more on why in a moment). Recently, my fiancée and I got a place together, which is great. But, this is where things went awry with Comcast and AT&T.

Of course, this is certainly a first-world problem. I'm not going hungry. I'm not bereft of clothing or shelter. It's one of the minor annoyances in the life of a generally happy dude living in urban America. I have a lot to feel thankful for.

Let's just say these two companies are not on that list.

U-verse Go Bye Bye

I have enjoyed the U-verse service. I had Comcast for a while and my fiancée had it at her apartment because U-verse wasn't available. But, at the new place, we would be able to have access to the wonder of AT&T's cable service. Not so fast. Because AT&T utilizes basically switching stations along its network to boost signal, where you live must be close to one. If it isn't, you are out of luck. That's me. Bummer.

It's On...Um, No It's Not

So, I begrudgingly make the switch to Comcast and am told that no install is necessary. We just take our equipment to the new house, hook it up and call in to activate everything. Two hours into my phone call with tech support the day after we moved, I was pretty certain this was inaccurate. To make matters worse, the first available tech appointment is a week away. Perfect. By the way, if you and your partner go in on a bill together and you aren't on the account, you need an act of God to get Comcast to assist you.

I'll Just Use 3G...Um, No I Won't

During the downtime, I figured I would just tether my computer to my cell phone and use the handy dandy AT&T 3G network. But, what's this? Plenty of bars of service, yet horrifically slow Internet service. Oh, the 3G network in my area is piss poor. Awesome. Guess I'll head to Starbucks.

Billing Hell

Then there is the hour wait to get our bills combined on AT&T since my fiancée also has an iPhone and an AT&T bill. Fortunately, the woman at the AT&T store was awesome. Unfortunately, AT&T's billing department was not.

I Don't Have to Tell You About AT&T's Cell Service, Do I?

It has been well documented that AT&T's general cell service blows. It is not bad at my new place -- at my old place, it would drop CONSTANTLY -- but it is still awful in most places. Switch to Verizon, you say? Well, no other network allows Internet browsing and talking at the same time, something I often need for business, so I'm stuck with this crappy service for the duration.

Still No Deal for Comcast SportsNet Houston

And, let's be honest, both are to blame for this one along with the Rockets, Astros and every other cable provider in the area. It's a travesty. Fix it already.

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