Skin Bin

FOUND Magazine

publishes odd, hilarious notes, shopping lists, Polaroids, drawings, greeting cards and the like, all found and sent in by readers. But they don’t print everything. “We try to keep FOUND PG-13-ish, you know, something I can share with my grandma,” says editor and co-founder Jason Bitner. “So we started this spot in a cabinet that was just labeled ‘dirty.’” Over the years, the stack grew, as did curiosity about it. “My friends would come over and say ‘So, uh, what’s in the dirty pile?’” says Bitner. The publishers launched a sister publication


, because “otherwise we’re the perverts holding on to these things, and then it becomes weird.”

He and DIRTY FOUND designer Arthur Jones will show a selection of submissions at the Dirty Found Outreach Program Sunday at the Aurora Picture Show. The event includes a reading from an essay, which Bitner describes as “this long, elaborate -- I think it’s like four pages -- single spaced, maybe 2,500 words, incredibly dense, really educational find that’s called How to Eat Pussy.” He adds, “It was found on a ninth grader’s desk in, I think, Detroit.” – Dusti Rhodes

Your sick mind might be interested to know that this week’s Night & Day® section also includes the lowdown on some grainy films from Mexico, one stage show involving a half-naked man rolling around on a mattress and another featuring a woman on all fours wearing a leash.

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