Slideshow: HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade in Downtown Houston

Low-riders, art cars, SpongeBob, Santa Claus, D-list celebs, marching bands, stick-fighting Sikhs and plump Shriners in souped-up go-carts -- where else could it be but the HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade? And although we lack quality photographic proof -- amazingly, even Sheila Jackson Lee was there. Seriously!

This year's parade seemed shorter than those of past years -- indeed, we heard one woman shouting in her cellphone that she was "pissed off" and "wouldn't have bothered coming" if she knew it was going to be as short as it was. Whatever. It was just the right length for the kiddos, and there was not the usual glut of extended, unexplained delays. As the dawn's heavy fog melted away, the day became downright balmy, which was certainly more pleasant than last year, when the parade came on a downright cold day.

What is about parades that causes us to constantly wipe away surreptitious tears? The delight of the children? The mopey idealism of the thought that the peace could reign o'er the earth if only we had daily parades? Who knows. All we know is our "allergies" always act up at these things.

Click here for a slideshow.

-- John Nova Lomax

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