Slideshow: "What We Think Now," by Jonathan Hollingsworth

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Photographer Jonathan Hollingsworth traveled from San Francisco to Orange County, in California, with a stack of poster-board in hand. Along the way he stopped and asked people to write their opinions on the current war in Iraq. Then he took photos of the people holding up the signs. It's a simple enough idea, but the result is anything but simple.

"What We Think Now: Young People's Response to the U.S. Involvement in Iraq," both an exhibition (that recently closed at Stages Repertory Theatre) and a book, is surprisingly frank. One woman writes, “While trying to articulate my thoughts on the war I feel selfish uneducated and ignorant It doesn't affect me so I haven't paid attention. Isn't that sad..." In another shot a man writes, "Not my president, not my war!" Still another writes, "No matter what, support the troops."

There are more opinions: pro, con and on-the-fence. The one thing they have in common is that they give voice to a generation of people who are perhaps most affected by the war, and yet most ignored by the powers that be.

For information on "What We Think Now: Young People's Response to the U.S. Involvement in Iraq" visit www.whatwethinknow.com. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

Click here for a slideshow.

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