Even this guy thinks it is cold outside.EXPAND
Even this guy thinks it is cold outside.

Snowpocalypse II: Checking in at Mid-Day to See What's Next for Houston?

The first half of Snowpocalypse II lived up to the hype with freezing rain and sleet falling across the region as temperatures plummeted below freezing. As of writing this just after noon, most of the area is continuing to be pelted with a wintry mix turning gradually into snow.

The question is: what's next?

This Afternoon

Expect conditions on area roadways to worsen throughout the afternoon. There were numerous closures by the late morning and more to come. How many will depend on the type of precipitation we get, how much and how long it lasts. Despite temps being in the upper 20s and low 30s, the ground remains somewhat warm and most of the freezing stuff hitting the concrete is turning to water. Overpasses, which are colder because of wind whipping beneath are freezing more quickly.

Additionally, expect much of the wintry mix to turn to snow. We could even see some accumulations as we move into the late afternoon hours. The dry line should approach by rush hour (what rush hour today though, right?) and the sleet and snow will cease as we head into a bitterly cold night.


It is going to be cold. Really cold. Like hard freeze cold. Everywhere but right along the coast will see the mercury drop into the low and mid 20s by the relatively early evening hours and stay that way overnight and into tomorrow morning. If any moisture remains on area roadways, they will freeze by this point. That means even normal roads and side streets will suffer the same fate as bridges and overpasses. Your best move is to NOT go out tonight.

Wednesday Morning

How quickly the county gets out and de-ices roadways that need it will probably determine just how difficult it will be to get to work and school on Wednesday. The good news is things should warm up enough under sunny skies to melt most places down by mid morning. It will still be super cold tomorrow, but above freezing.

If you do need to go in to work very early, keep an eye on the weather and on Transtar to make sure you can get to where you need to go safely. At worst, sleep in and head to work or school a little late. We are certain you won't be alone.

Beyond Wednesday, the warm up will push forward in earnest with temperatures in the 70s by Saturday.

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