Snowpocalyspe Part Two: Winter Storm Warning Canceled, Watch in Effect

The National Weather Service has canceled the Winter Storm Warning and put into effect a Winter Storm Advisory. Temperatures in the immediate Houston area are slightly warmer than expected and continue to remain above freezing. While it is raining lightly throughout the area, it appears that most of the rain will end by mid afternoon and it now appears that the temperature will remain above freezing until after that time preventing any icing on roadways, bridges and overpasses.

It is possible that there will be problems north of Interstate 10 and the farther north you go, the worse it could be. As of writing this, the freeze line descends to right around Beltway 8 to the north making some areas north of the 610 Loop still vulnerable as the day continues. I-10 south, it appears, will dodge the worst of it.

City and county officials are still encouraging people to stay off the roads as their offices remain closes along with most school districts around the area. Many flights have been delayed or canceled, not just because of Houston's weather but because of bad weather around the country, particularly throughout out the southeastern U.S.

In better news, because precipitation is forecast to move out of the area by this afternoon, it now appears unlikely that much colder temperatures that will occur overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning will not cause icing problems because roadways should be dry by that time.

For now, it looks like things are much better than expected.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.