Neil Bush: Working to improve American kids' reading skills. (Next year.)

So It's Govt' Money -- Don't Have a COW

Remember when Barbara Bush dropped that "working very well for them" bomb about Katrina victims? Folks everywhere said she was harsh, even going as far as calling her a "cold-hearted bitch."

But, would you still call Mrs. Bush a cold-hearted B if you knew that she invested in a company that supplies learning software for 40 U.S. school districts? And what if that company, Ignite!, helped carry out the noble No Child Left Behind Act — you know, by using government funds -- in 13 districts? And what if that company was headed by one Neil Bush, son of George H.W. Bush and the aforementioned Babs?

Cold-hearted B? Or loving mother and benefactor?

As we've reported in the past, Neil Bush's Ignite! software isn't exactly revolutionizing education. But that hasn't stopped hordes of GOP supporters, the Bushes and even Saudi oil companies from making sure that Neil's Curriculum on Wheels learning centers (they're called "COWs" because they look like cows, awww) wind up in schools. Never mind that the No Child Left Behind Act calls for programs that strengthen kids' reading and math skills — and Ignite! won't offer reading or math software until at least next year. Heck, everyone's favorite HISD spokesman told Hair Balls that "schools are very pleased with the product."

So it's really not surprising, to us, anyway, that the LA Times reports that Neil's company is receiving No Child Left Behind money. It's not like this is nepotism. Just ask Neil, who praises his contacts in the Times piece:

"Not one of these associates by the way has ever asked for any access to either of my political brothers, not one White House tour, not one autographed photo, and not one Lincoln bedroom overnight stay."

You go, Neil. Why, your Mom might say that things are working very well for you. — Steven Devadanam

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