So NASA Is Finding Odd-Shaped Holes in the Sun, But Don't Panic

First NASA figured out how to fit a square peg in a round hole (it happened in Apollo 13 and it's totally worth googling to see how they did it, but Hair Balls digresses); now they've spotted a square hole in the sun.

Yep, folks, those who thought that the sun could only have nice, comforting round holes are quite mistaken. NASA captured a video of the sun's square-shaped coronal (as in eye) hole somewhere between Monday and Wednesday, according to Space.com. That square-shaped hole thing sounds daunting, but it's just a spot where solar wind is streaming out of the sun at high speeds.

NASA got the image using the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The hole looks like a massive black square because it's emitting less ultraviolet light than the more, you know, sunny areas of that big old burning star. So while it may look like that hole is a giant square window into an abyss, it's actually just a trick of the light on a very large scale, according to the Daily Mail.

Some might look at the news that there's a hole in the sun and do some panicking, but the world probably isn't ending tomorrow, since that hole is big but the sun is way bigger. So don't worry, be happy, wear sunscreen and enjoy the fact that there are square sun holes in the world. Anything is possible.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.