So Now Brittany Norwood Allegedly Says Her Entire Lawsuit Is Embellished

This time a week ago, we were all just beginning to digest the Arian Foster "baby mama" story.

At the beginning of the day last Monday, Arian Foster was (as far as we knew) a happily married father of two young children who was rehabbing a back injury, anxious to wash the taste of a lost 2013 as a running back for the Houston Texans out of his mouth.

By the end of the day last Monday, most of that statement was still true. All except the "happily married" part. Also, the number of children he is father to, we found out, would be changing sometime in June.

As it turns out, Foster had been in a relationship with a young woman named Brittany Norwood who was pregnant with Foster's baby, and on top of that, she had filed a lawsuit that claims Foster and his brother, Abdul, had been "harassing" Norwood about getting an abortion. Norwood's attorney claimed Foster had been engaged in a pattern of "outrageous behavior" since finding out about the pregnancy.

These are all the things Brittany Norwood was alleging. Until she decided not to allege them anymore.

As first reported by TMZ, audio that appears to contain Norwood's voice in a conversation with Foster indicates that she doesn't believe Foster to be "a monster" and also contends that she doesn't feel the Texans running back "harassed" her. Oddly enough, Norwood also contends in the audio that she "never once said that [Foster] told [her] to get an abortion," which is odd because that's seemingly exactly what she claimed on Channel 11 last week.

Norwood appears to backpedaling on everything her lawsuit claims, making it sound as though her lawyer chose to pile on these additional allegations, likely in order get traction and movement on things like child support. In the process, Norwood throws her lawyer under the bus and backs over him a couple times for good measure:

"I'm not going to sit here and be like okay with -- those papers said, 'harassment,' like 'in fear.' I was never in fear of my life around you. Like, I didn't f*cking need a restraining order."

She continued, "You never harassed me. Like, I will tell him that verbatim. Like, as I have told him that, and that something in here needs to be f*cking changed because it's not fair, because -- and I said that. I was like Arian's not a monster."

"Like, I'm sorry that those papers ... because I was told that they weren't going to go anywhere. He said, you know, this is just to get the ball rolling, and then if we settle outside of court, we settle outside of court and it never goes public."

Here's the full audio, courtesy of TMZ:

The question with respect to this audio doesn't appear to be "Is that Brittany Norwood's voice on the recording?" According to TMZ, she's been asked about it, and has not denied that it's her voice on the audio. The question is "Who recorded it?" and, taking this thing even further into the rabbit hole, did Norwood know all along this audio would wind up on TMZ? (If the reality TV angle is at all legitimate, having TMZ continue to talk about this would seem to be beneficial.)

For what it's worth, Norwood told TMZ: ""I don't care what the world thinks of me, at the end of the day, I'm educated, I work hard to make a life for my son, be a role model, and [my son's] super woman. The truth will always come out. At the end of the day, Arian knows the truth and I know the truth. It's none of the world's business anymore."

Somehow, I think this story will find its way into the world's business again at some point.

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