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So, the City of Houston Is Among the Nation's Most Efficient Spenders. Really?

A new WalletHub study says the city of Houston is the fifth-most efficient spender in the country, a ranking that would likely leave most Houstonians wondering, 'Wait, what!?'

The study measured cities' expenditures on law enforcement, education, and parks and recreation. Nine other Texas cities made the top 50, though Houston was the highest-ranking Lone Star representative.
Source: WalletHub
Houston was clearly carried by a No. 1 ranking for its return-on-investment in parks and recreation, but it's important to note that a lot was left out of this study, including a few money pits particularly important to Houston: transportation and infrastructure.

From WalletHub:
"Ideally, this analysis would account for a city’s spending efficiency on public transportation, infrastructure and health, in addition to the categories included in this report. “Parks & Recreation ROI” also would include parkland quality. However, data for these metrics were not available and therefore excluded from our analysis. Although such limitations exist, efficient spending in the key areas accounted for in this report is a strong indicator for the level of efficiency in other expenditure categories."
Last summer, the city approved yet another multibillion-dollar spending plan for infrastructure. With that hefty wad of cash taken out of the equation, however, the city suddenly starts to look pretty darned thrifty!
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