So You Have 51 Animals in Your Rented Home, Claim to Run a No-Kill Shelter and You Write Notes to Your Dead Veterinarian? Nah, No Reason to Think Those Animals Aren't Okay!

Last month, Almita Flores of Houston found a gorgeous yellow lab. She says she posted flyers in her neighborhood as well as a notice on Craigslist, but never heard from anyone claiming to be the owner. After two weeks, she says, the dog -- who she decided to call Max -- got out of her gate, only to return with a five-inch gash, two deep holes in his hind legs, and swollen genitals. Naturally, Flores panicked.

Feeling overwhelmed and not thinking clearly, Flores posted on Craigslist again, asking for help on what to do for Max, rather than taking Max to an emergency vet. Flores said she got a lot of emails, but only one phone call -- from a woman she says who claimed to run an animal rescue. So this is how Max wound up in the hands of a woman named Michele Dow, and how no one -- not Flores, not the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, not Waller County Animal Control -- can even say if Max is still alive.

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