So You Have 51 Animals in Your Rented Home, Claim to Run a No-Kill Shelter and You Write Notes to Your Dead Veterinarian? Nah, No Reason to Think Those Animals Aren't Okay!

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Dow changed her number that night. Because again, that's what rational, responsible people with nothing to hide do. Fortunately, we were able to find another number for Dow. When we explained that we just wanted to check up on Max, we got the boot.

"This woman is truly a psychopath," Dow said of Flores.

When we told her we found multiple instances of her claiming to have a no-kill non-profit online, she said, "You only came across one [reference], so let's keep it real." She said that she was looking into starting a 501c3 at one point, but "The last step is $1,500, which is why I haven't had it."

Before she hung up on us, she told us, "This lady's a nut. Why don't you talk to her and you'll probably have a great story."

It seemed like pretty strong words from a woman who continued to post messages on her former veterinarian's online obituary memorial for years, updating a dead woman with stories of all the animals she's acquired -- at one point totaling 51.

She also wrote that "my cpa has made me a 501c not for profit corporation! and i am QUITE good at getting donations! $$$ as i said the place is a zoo...."

Which is odd, because, as previously noted, Dow told us she never had a 501c3. So what exactly were these "donations"? And if she was so good at getting "$$$," why couldn't she afford the $1,500 incorporation fee? Were those "donations" used to satisfy an old student loan (plus interest) of $21,998.06 that the U.S. Department of Education had to sue her to recover, according to federal court records? We don't know, because Dow wouldn't answer questions. (Strangely, Dow told her dead veterinarian at one point that "we moved to Mississippi last summer so i can finish law school....").

On another website, Dow posted a comment saying she had 21 dogs and 13 cats, and that she runs "a small not for profit no-kill shelter."

And while the non-existent shelter may have been no-kill, it apparently wasn't no-injury. Dow's tales on the obituary website are riddled with anecdotes about injured animals. There was Turbo, who "cut his face, and had to get doggie plastic surgery (lol)," and there was Fetch who "got sassy" with Barney, so Barney "kicked his ass," so Dow had to lay out some "$$$." She also wrote that "I really do wish that u could meet my new kids! i lost 5 last year but with you being up there i feel like they are safe and doing just fine!"

We also wonder how much of the 501c3 hold-up was due to "$$$" and how much was due to not passing a screening. Dow wrote at one point that "i had my 1st screening done by an is one of the steps in becoming a full 501 c for profit animal shelter...i passed with flying colors! they have to do a series of on-site investigations to be sure i am not a collector/hoarder."

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