Joan already looks good in orange, so the Dynamo scarf should be a plus.

Soccer in Space

You can't say the Houston Dynamo folks aren't geniuses when it comes to marketing...

The MLS Cup game is long gone, but the team manages to stay in the news. There's word that astronaut Joan Higginbotham will take on orange Dynamo scarf aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery mission that blasts off later today from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We're not quite sure what the connection is, and frankly, neither are the Dynamo PR folks, but they're not complaining. "She's actually from Chicago, so I guess she's just a Dynamo fan," says PR rep Lester Gretsch. "We wanted to give her more items, like a medallion or pin, but NASA didn't want anything with pointy edges, so they just allowed a scarf." (C'mon NASA, how much harm could a little soccer pin cause?)

The Discovery mission to the International Space Station runs through Tuesday, December 19. Wonder if we'll be able to spot Higginbotham floating around with her orange scarf on NASA TV? — Steven Devadanam

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