Social Distortion: Surf's Up, Go Catch the (Google) Wave

Remember how you once clamored to be one of the first to have a Gmail account, way, way back in the mid-2000s?  Well, dust off your longboard, gremmy, 'cause the Google surf's up once again, dude. 

Ever the splash-maker, Google announced this past week that on September 30th, they'll invite about 100,000 to their gnarly crew of version testers to experience their latest rad webvention.  Dubbed the Google Wave, it's easiest described as a real-time communication platform and collaboration tool.  That's developer-speak for "it's gonna change your fucking life, man."  And you're gonna be jonesin' for every last ounce of it.

But now that Google Wave is boosting major air, what are the sick deets you need to know about it?

  1. Work it, make it, drag it, drop it: Yo, don't the words "never, ever search for a file to attach again" sound like a little piece of heaven?  With Wave, you'll be able to take shit straight from your desktop, and drag it into your message or conversation.  Easy peasy.  Get stoked.
  2. Cyber show and tell isn't for amateurs any more: These little pods of conversations called "waves"?  Well, they're portable, baby.  You can take any conversation, and embed it on any website.  Instead of forums and chat rooms, you can have real-time heart-to-hearts via Wave embeds.  On the horizon - Wave makeout sessions.
  3. Life is a wiki, and then you die: Email, IM, whatever, brah -- Wave lets you edit any messages within your "wave."  Imagine this: You're trying to coordinate a meetup at the local watering hole.  Instead of a string of yes/no replies, you can edit the original message to reflect who can and can't meet y'all for some brewskis.  This might sound a bit confusing, but imagine the verticals this'll do for clean communication.  Wicked.
  4. Play that funky email, white boy: Rendering extendo-time of "getting up to speed" a thing of the past, Wave's playback feature allows you to see how a conversation progressed from start to finish within mere minutes.  There go your billable hours.
  5. Now's y'all be communicatin': Wave, in uncannily humanlike form, has the capability to read your language and correct for what you really meant to say.  The "there" and "their" flub?  A thing of the past with Wave.  Bitchin'.
  6. It's your application of the concepts that counts:  Just like Facebook, developers have the ability to create applications, ranging from useful little bots to full-scale gameology.  But if it's Google, then you know it's gonna be badass.

Amped about the Wave?  Yeah, you should be.  Try to woo Google into hooking you up with a coveted invite-only account come September 30th, and hang ten 'til then, brah.

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