Social Distortion: Sweet Caroline's First Birthday (Only 17 Years 'Til She's Legal)

If you weren't at Caroline Collective's anniversary affair this past Saturday evening, chances are you're pretty much as lame as they come. Or you hate Houston's burgeoning artistic and technological communities. Take your pick.

Amidst what was described by revelers as "the most interesting mix of people," Caroline Collective celebrated its first birthday with as much gusto as on its inaugural eve one year prior. Although there were no fiddlers on the roof to speak of this year, hipsters, blipsters, and mixsters alike still found shimmy-worthy entertainment in the beats of the legendary (you)genious and the effervescent Don't Fight It.

Caroline Collective tenants such as Fresh Arts Coalition and Erdos Miller wowed cooing slicksters and chicksters with impromptu guided tours of the transformed co-working space, brought about by recent renovations. Chipsters and dipsters in tandem gobbled down food from local nourishment purveyors like Tacos A-Go-Go and Danton's Gulf Coast Seafood, shooting it back as quickly as possible with some Riazul Tequila, Sweet Leaf Tea, and the frothy from Saint Arnold. That's not the end of it, kids, but this ain't a billboard. You should've gotten your dilating derrière off the couch for a few hours, sweet cheeks.

Look on the bright side - you'll stop kicking yourself for missing this shindig eventually. And hey, there's always Birthday #2 next year. Mark your calendars now. In ink.

Check out pictures from the night here.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.