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Sodexo's Feeding Our Future Program Helps Hungry Kids

A company called Sodexo is partnering with Houston hospitals, Sysco, and others this summer to help feed some of the 415,000 "food-insecure" children -- that is, kids who depend largely on free- and reduced-price school meals for sustenance.

Sodexo's Feeding Our Future program "is a collaborative volunteer effort with local business and nonprofit partners including Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, Harris County Hospital System, Sysco Corporation [and] AC Taylor Health Clinic," according to a press release.

Sodexo cites a figure from a group called Feeding America indicating that 24 percent of Houston-area kids who rely on school meals are in a real pickle during the summer -- they're "often uncertain about the source of their next meal."

"Feeding Our Future has already provided more than 95,400 meals in Houston and it is slated to provide an additional 12,500 meals to support children in local communities this summer," according to a press release.

The press release also quotes Sodexo CEO George Chavel: "During the school year, 21 million kids receive free and reduced-price meals, but when the school year ends, only 2.3 million of those eligible are aware of or have access to summer feeding programs. We created Feeding Our Future to help close the gap and to do our part to improve the quality of life for children in the communities that we serve."

Check out, or call 866-3-HUNGRY for info on how to sign up or volunteer.

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