Weather Week: The First Breath of Fall, But Still Soggy

Expect plenty of this kind of weather this week.
Expect plenty of this kind of weather this week. Photo by Carey Akin via Flickr

Did you notice anything different on Sunday? If not, you probably didn't go outside. Dew points dropped into the 60s on Sunday morning as a weak cool front managed to push through the region leaving behind ever-so-slightly cooler weather and north winds. It wasn't exactly a blue norther, but it certainly felt pleasant.

We haven't exactly seen the last of summer, but let's say it is on its last legs. But, before we start dreaming of cool north breezes again, there will be rain and plenty of it.

This is the time of year when cool fronts will approach us but not push through. The result is moisture off the Gulf of Mexico getting sucked onshore. This is likely to be the pattern for the next week to 10 days. This week, in particular the middle of the week, is going to be wet.

Monday and Tuesday will be mild and humid. Highs should reach the upper 80s with lows in the lower 70s. Gradually, that north and west wind will shift back to the south as chances of rain increase into Tuesday.

By Wednesday and Thursday, a steady flow of moisture out of the Gulf should bring plentiful showers and thunderstorms. There could be a few spots that get several inches of rain, but most of the area will see probably about an inch or so.

Storms will taper toward the end of the week, but a chance of rain will remain in the forecast through the weekend.

As to the actual burst of real fall weather, the fronts appear to be lining up starting early next week. The first real chance of one moving through is still perhaps ten days off, but this past weekend at least gave us our first taste.

Watching the Tropics

Tropical Storm Kirk is way out in the Atlantic moving west. Like other storms this hurricane season, the expectation is that it will be destroyed as it approaches the Caribbean or shortly thereafter it arrives thanks to high wind shear that has been in the region all season long.

Despite Kirk and subtropical storm Leslie floating around the Atlantic, the only tropical weather we should expect around here is the rain we'll be getting over the next week.
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