Soggy Weekend Means You Might Want to Stay Inside

Storm clouds will make for a really rainy weekend.
Storm clouds will make for a really rainy weekend. Photo by Bill Jacobus via Flickr
At the risk of completely abusing an already overused phrase, winter is an end. We are closing in on springtime here in Houston and the end result is often turbulent and schizophrenic weather patterns. Cold fronts are making their last gasp passes through the area, battling with warmer air beginning to emerge throughout the south. Some days are sunny and warm, others are gray and chilly. Welcome to Houston!

If you enjoyed those brief moments of sunshine on Thursday, we are sorry to say you will need to file them into your memory because we'll be back to drearier conditions into this weekend ahead of another front arriving late Saturday. If you were making plans for hanging at the park on Saturday, well, you may need to change those. In fact, the Memorial City Chili Cookoff was actually canceled thanks to the strong potential for rain.

Rain chances are best Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening, though a shower or two will probably linger into Sunday morning. Some of the rain on Saturday could come with a thunderstorm or two, but it is unclear how widespread those will be at the moment.

As to temperature, the roller coaster continues. Expect highs Friday and Saturday pushing 70 or slightly above. Sunday will be cold again with highs barely scraping the 50s under cloudy skies.

Oh, and there will be fog (you thought we were going to say blood, didn't you?). So, be careful if you are out driving, particularly early in the morning hours. Your best bet is to stay inside as much as possible.
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