Some Guy Made a Racist Video of a Campus-Carry Protester Being Shot

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A Frisco, Texas activist-filmmaker-blogger has caused a stir with a film depicting the brutal murder of a University of Texas-Austin "Cocks Not Glocks" campus-carry protester.

Brett Sanders is the auteur behind Never Met Her, which depicts a kerchief-masked black man breaking into a white UT student's apartment and shooting her point-blank in the head before stealing her flat-screen TV.  

Ana Lopez, a student who helped organized the campus protest, told The Texas Standard that the video made her fear for her safety, as well as the safety of her fellow protesters, who are shown in actual news footage throughout the video.  She said she felt the slayed student in the film was a stand-in for her. 

“I didn’t want to watch the whole thing so I fast-forwarded it, and I saw the girl who looks like me getting shot in the head … It was terrifying," she told the Texas Standard. 

But Sanders told the radio show that his video was a "direct rebuttal to the lunacy that I saw happening down there in Austin," and he defended his use of an African-American actor to portray the murdering burglar who mercilessly breaks through the woman's door and guns her down after she futilely points a big black dildo at him and threatens to "blow my load" all over the intruder's face. 

"What, bitch?!" he shouts, presumably rhetorically, before the camera zooms in on a blood-splattered "Moms Demand Action" placard hanging on the wall. 

While there is of course no dildo-load-blowing. there's a money shot of sorts, and it's in the form of a finalist for the Most Dumbass, Racist, Backward Quote of the Year, courtesy of Sanders, who channels his inner Birth of a Nation directorial sensibilities in having a black dude violate a white woman:

“He just happened to be in my friend circle – and statistically, African-Americans are more prone to create violent crimes. It does play into the stereotype, whether we like it or not. He was willing to play the part.”, 

Cribbing from the ol' she shouldn't have dressed that way  playbook, Sanders also said that he thought it was "dangerous" to "announce to the world that you are unarmed, and you are going to be an easy target." 

It's probably equally dangerous to announce to the world that you're a douchebag, but plenty of people do it every day, and they seem to carry on just fine. Some of them even make YouTube videos. 

Thematically, the video is in keeping with the rest of the efforts displayed on Sanders' site, like a $9.99 block of wood painted black, to make it look like a cell phone from a distance. Sanders proudly recorded himself cruising through a cell-restricted school zone, baiting a cop. The idea is to somehow demonstrate your moral and intellectual superiority by showing the side of the wood that states either "Fuck Your Law," or "No Victim, No Crime." Nothing better than wasting a police officer's time, right? 

Sanders claims the faux phone could "save you hundreds in fines," which, like Never Met Her,  makes no sense. In no way, shape, or form, does driving around with a block of wood pressed to your face like a jackass save you anything.  It actually costs you $10 and whatever's left of your dignity. 

As silly as some people find the idea of "Clocks Not Glocks," it at least employs absurdism and satire to express a particular opinion about a particular law. But the overall point of Never Met Her  is murky: Do murderous burglars peruse local news broadcasts to find unarmed targets and track down their addresses? In the absence of a gun, is there no mode of protection other than a rubber dong? Is there no pepper-spray, baseball bat or block of wood in the shape of a gun? Why would an intruder whose face is concealed risk the death penalty over a TV? What if the protester lived off-campus and had a gun for home protection but was just protesting campus-carry — would Sanders have split the difference and have the victim just suffer a flesh wound? If you publicly protest an anti-gun measure, does that mean you deserve to be shot? 

Maybe we'll just have to wait for the sequel. Never Met Her II: The Douchening. 

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