Some Local Has A Winning $76 Million Lottery Ticket -- Or Do They?

Someone bought a winning $76 million Texas Lottery ticket at an Alvin H-E-B last October. We know that much.

Someone has submitted a ticket claiming it's the winning one. We know that too.

Whether the claim is valid or not is still being investigated.

Lottery officials told the Brazosport Facts the ticket was "damaged" and tests are being done on it to determine its authenticity.

Lottery spokesman Bobby Heith tells Hair Balls the agency has its own forensics lab to handle such things.

"We've had tickets that have been washed in a washing machine or damaged in some kind of way before," he says.

We're guessing any extensive use of Scotch tape is a disqualifier.

Heith says he can't give out any information on how the $76 million ticket is damaged; he did say it was submitted within the 180-day window after the numbers were drawn. He also didn;t know how often such questions come up with allegedly winning tickets, although he's checking.

There's no word, either, on how long the guys at CSI: Lottery might take coming up with results. The store that sold the winning ticket has already received its share.

But until the results come back, there must be some very anxious putative ticketholder waiting for word.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.