Some Old A**hole Is Swiping The Sunflowers Of Montrose

Saturday afternoon Hair Balls was rolling up Van Buren Street in Montrose when we spied this apparently wind-blown note tangled high in a tall sunflower, which was one of dozens in a vacant lot. Upon stopping to take a look, we found that in fact the nasty little missive had been tied to the flower with a length of string.

We got to wondering just what the Sam Hill is going on up there on Van Buren Street.

Really? Somebody both loves and has enough of a proprietary interest in these wildflowers to compose a vicious, sarcastic letter and then painstakingly tie it to a sunflower stalk? How long has this sunflower fracas been going on, and just who is this old sunflower-swiping "ass-hole"?

Clearly, when diplomacy has broken down to the level of pure vitriol, it seems more and more likely that the end result of this dispute is going to end up on the news. Watch this space.

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