Some Questions That Fox Didn't Ask Roger Clemens Last Night

In between the first and second period of the Houston Aeros/Peoria Rivermen playoff game last night, I was walking around the Toyota Center concourse. I came up on a monitor that was showing the Astros/Dodgers game. And who do I see but Roger Clemens being interviewed by Fox Sports Houston's Patti Smith.

I couldn't hear the interview, but seeing as it was during the game, and seeing as it was being  conducted by Fox Sports Houston during a game, I assumed the questioning was along the lines of who, after Rocket, was the greatest pitcher to have ever thrown a baseball.  And according to Jesus Ortiz at the Chron, that is how the questioning went from the media who went over to talk to him.

Now I've got some questions I would have asked, though I'm sure security would have had me kicked out before I finished the first one.

10.  Game Six of the 1986 World Series.  Did you really develop an injury, or was that just the first instance of you choking in the clutch?

9.  Mike Piazza. You really tried to kill him when you threw at his head in 1999, right?

8.  Seeing as how you have this thing for underage singers, it must be true that Billy Ray Cyrus has taken out a restraining order keeping you away from his daughter, right?

7.  Is Jose Canseco really the best you could do for a character witness?

6.  Did you really have to sell your Bentley to Bret Michaels to pay off your bills to Rusty Hardin?

5.  You outed your wife as a HGH user in public, under oath, before Congress. Is she speaking to you yet?

4.  Seeing as how you claimed to down Vioxx like it was Skittles, have any of Vioxx's defense attorneys asked you to appear as a witness in their favor?

3.  It's said that while you were a New York Yankee, not only did you have a place in New York City, you had an apartment in 12 of the other 13 American League cities for your various mistresses. Now that you're no longer pitching and you no longer need those apartments, do you feel responsible for the crash in the housing market?

2.  Since Detroit's housing market has been in a crisis for a long time, I'm guessing that Detroit isn't one of those cities where you had an apartment. True?

1.  Looking back over everything that's happened, wouldn't it have just been easier for you to have pulled an Andy Pettitte and admitted to being a roider?

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