Some Straight Bar In Houston Is About To Be Invaded By Teh Gheys

The "Guerrilla Gay Bar" concept is coming to Houston.

Announced on a Facebook page, the event will begin Friday night.

And what is a Guerrilla Gay Bar?

As the announcement says: "Once a month, we will venture away from our normal hangouts and take over one of the local 'straight' bars. They will receive no warning. Think flash mob! We simply show up in large numbers and drink in even larger quantities."

Sounds like fun! And potential violence!!

It's a concept that's been tried before: LA has an active group.

Their motto is "Think flashmob meets the French Revolution meets Kylie." We have no idea who Kylie is, but we do know our sans-culottes.

The local group here is being highly secretive about just what straight bar they plan to invade, but the options are many.

The yuppie frat a-holes of the Richmond Strip? Degenerate gamblers watching 14 screens of obscure college basketball at some sports bar? How about a gentlemen's club?

We just hope none of those fine, upstanding straight customers catch The Gay.

Watch out for Kylie!!

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