Some Unusually Awesome Pups for National Dog Day

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Today, we lift our leg in honor of dogs everywhere, as it's the tenth annual National Dog Day, a time to reflect on all our furry friends waiting on forever homes.

We'd also like to give a shout-out to the hard-working shelter staff and volunteers, as well as all the fantastic rescue groups in our area. Without their dedication, we wouldn't be able to highlight these pups available for adoption.

We thought we'd showcase a few special individuals -- not so much matinee idols as character actors; dogs that in some cases may require just a touch more patience and attention, but who will repay that TLC in spades.

When we first saw this pic of Petunia, we thought, "What's going on here? Did Pablo Picasso invent a dog?" We thought our eyes might be deceiving us, but our heart knew what was up. Petunia's a keeper. She has a fractured jaw (which has been fixed) and no teeth. She's also 10 years old. Mad props to Inner Chi Rescue for giving this gal a shot. We're pretty sure that whoever adopts this dog not only automatically goes to heaven, but gets to sit in the VIP area with God and John Coltrane. Contact Inner Chi for info. (ID #11007126).

Hey, ever wanted a dog that looks like a freakin' goat? Your ship has just come in, my friend: we're told Fancy is in fact a brindle and white pit bull terrier mix, but c'mon -- that's a freakin' goat,yo! The folks at BARC tell us she's about 3 and a shameless cuddle-bug. Sure, you might wind up spending a lot of money on tin cans, but we know Fancy will be worth every penny. Contact BARC for adoption info. (ID #A1259379).

Fresh from Easter Island, this enormous noggin comes with a dog attached to it! It's possible you may have to build an addition to your house in order to accommodate this cranium, which, along with the Great Wall of China, is one of the few earthly features visible from space. According to the good people at North American Shar Pei Rescue, Shirley "loves to be near her humans and is happiest when she has at least one paw resting on you." One paw we can take; we're just not sure what we'd do if she tried to rest that head on us. She gets along great with other dogs and loves kids, and she knows how to use a doggie door. Which begs the question: how big is that freaking doggie door? We're guessing the Kool-Aid dude could probably fit through it. The thing is, Shirley's got a heart twice the size of that dome -- something that whatever lucky soul brings her home will find out right away. Contact North American Shar Pei Rescue for details. (ID #10140442).

Hoyt has no eyes. And if you saw the before picture, you'd want to punch a wall, unless you were able to find the monster who was spotted kicking Hoyt, causing him to run into the street and into the path of an oncoming car. This jacked up his head, and his eyes had to be surgically removed last week. (His paw was also injured). Fortunately, Scout's Honor tells us he's in better spirits now. But what would really make his spirit soar is finding a home filled with enough love to care for an eyeless dog. A game of fetch might be out of the question, but a lifetime of love and slobbery kisses is freakin' guaranteed. Contact Scout's Honor for info. (ID #7414591-98).

Pilar weighs between 50-60 lbs., and would probably weigh a pound or two more if some a-hole had attended to the compound fracture of her driver's side leg right away, instead of allowing her to hobble around with a bone sticking out of it. Ultimately, the leg could not be saved. Yet Pilar's a happy gal -- the folks at Scout's Honor say she gets along great with other dogs, but thinks cats are "are just big squirrels," so it's probably best if she ain't around 'em. Kids, while not squirrels, are too unpredictable for her, so she shouldn't go to a home with children, either. (It's possible Scout's Honor might be willing to take in a kid or two for Pilar, if you want to swap, but we don't want to speak on their behalf.) Cpntact Scout's Honor for adoption info, and get ready to have one of the coolest dogs on the block. (ID #10810456).

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.