Some Veterinarians Just Shouldn't Use Meth...

There are a few crucial qualities that pet owners might seek in a veterinarian: experience, bedside manner, a natural love of animals. "Crippling meth addiction" would probably rank toward the bottom of the list.

But that's just what former Dallas-area vet David Snyder had, and it led to his 44-year prison sentence earlier this week, according to WFAA. One of the signs of said addiction is apparently an inability to come up with a good lie: Former client Linda Erwin told the station that they dropped off their Chihuahua, Sugar, at his office in 2011, never to see him again. Snyder's explanation? Someone stole the dog.

A bewildered Erwin was quoted as saying, "What happened to her? What did he really do to her? Don't we deserve to know where she is and what happened to her?"

All valid questions. Besides, is it even possible to trade a Chihuahua for meth?

According to the story, Snyder voluntarily surrendered his license, and he was later charged with five drug-related felonies.

"With good behavior, Snyder could conceivably be up for parole in two and a half years," according to the story. "Even so, he'll have to wait [until] 2017 to reapply for his veterinary license. If he gets his license back, we hope he'll equip the office with a state of the art security system to thwart roving bands of Chihuahua bandits.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.