Somehow the Teachers Always Get Blamed

Today's Washington Post reports that a U.S. Department of Education study shows educational software well, basically doesn't do anything. You give it to kids, you don't — it's all the same story at the end of the year.

That's bad news for all the companies that that make their livelihood peddling educational software designed to help low-performing students catch up and prosper.

As the Post reports, the study's findings were immediately rejected by the companies studied, several of whom had originally wanted to be in the study. The counter-explanation is that the software is fine, but the humans who are using it to teach children may not have the right training or presentation or something.

No word on whether Prez Brother Neil Bush — whose Ignite! software program was not part of the study — is worried. Bush's program has spread far and wide thanks to the help of moms (remember when Barbara Bush made a donation for Katrina victims but insisted the money be used to purchase her son's software program.) Or whether the Houston Independent School District might be rethinking the $200,000 it handed over last August to expand Ignite! in its schools. — Margaret Downing

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