Someone at the FBI Is Swooning Over the "Tall, Dark & Handsome Bandit"

Feast your eyes on the enticing hunk of man-meat to the right, ladies and gay dudes.

Why, he's dreamier than a shirtless Joel Osteen!!

At least he is to someone at the FBI, who has not only dubbed the dude the "Tall, Dark & Handsome Bandit" but has included this factoid in the description accompanying the security-cam shots: "The bandit did not appear to be wearing a wedding ring in the photographs."

OMG!!!!! HAWT!!!!!

The Stealin' Stud -- who robs banks as easily as he robs hearts -- hit a Comerica Bank branch in the 3100 block of the Southwest Freeway earlier today, leaving behind a lobby full of drooling females, we can only assume.

Here's your official description:

The bank robber is described as a white male, mid to late thirties, 6'0" - 6'1", handsome, with a medium build and very short brown hair. He wore a white button-down pressed dress shirt, dress jeans, and brown sunglasses which he wore on top of his head during the robbery.

There's a $5,000 Crime Stoppers reward for information on the guy, but don't try to take him by yourself -- he'll just sweep you off your feet.

Besides, someone at the FBI has first dibs.

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