Someone Help This Nun Get Into The Super Bowl -- She'll Make It Worth Your While

Sister Mary Tarcisius from Lafayette has a problem. The spunky nun from just down I-10 needs a ticket to the Super Bowl. She went in 2009, but would like to go again this year.

I encountered Sister Mary at the NFL Fan Experience on Thursday evening, chatting with a group of friends who took her to the fan festival. She's been a die-hard football fan since she was four years old, watching Packers games on her father's knee in her native Idaho.

And get this Houston readers, she's got a sweet spot for our Texans, when she isn't rooting for her local Saints, obviously.

"Oh, I would love to meet J.J. Watt!" said Sister Mary. "It was a real shame when they lost. The Patriots to me are like nails on a chalkboard."

No, Sister Mary isn't picky when it comes to tickets for Super Bowl XLVII. Though she would prefer not be in the nosebleeds.

"I get dizzy up there," she noted. Sister Mary is a cheap date too, reminding me that whoever takes her to the game won't need to buy her expensive concession stand food or merch. She can pack a granola bar.

"I wouldn't mind a hat or a pin though," she added. "I'm easy to please."

Sister Mary doesn't like the Cowboys, if that helps matters, and she was once assaulted in an airport by a member of a Kansas City Chiefs player's entourage in 2004 for trying to get an autograph.

"The Chiefs haven't been good since," she said smiling.

She is a Ravens fan for this match-up, so Ravens supporters would be doing their team a great service by having Sister Mary in their midst. Let's face it, between her and Ray Lewis, the Ravens are pretty much covered in the God department.

Sister Mary offers some spiritual incentive for getting her into the big game. It's better than cash.

"If you get me into the game, I will pray for you and your family for the rest of my life."

If you are prone to trouble and woe, Sister Mary could be your saving grace for the rest of her years.

A recent visit to a Super Bowl ticketing site had prices ranging from $1,300 for nosebleeds, and up $134,000 for extreme luxury packages.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.