Someone Pretending to Be the Houston Press Is Going After Chris Bell

Someone Pretending to Be the Houston Press Is Going After Chris Bell

This afternoon we got a call from Patrick Devney, who's managing Chris Bell's campaign for mayor of Houston. Devney calmly and politely asked if we've been quietly promoting a bullshit story (our words, not his) about the former city council member and congressman.


Devney kindly forwarded us an email that's apparently been bouncing around local political circles lately. Said email contains a snippet of an exposé falsely claiming to have been written by Houston Press staff writer Craig Malisow. To say the allegations against Bell contained in that email are lascivious and explosive would be an understatement.

They also appear to be utter horseshit. So, to set the record straight: 

– Craig Malisow has not obtained any personal emails or text messages between Chris Bell and anyone else, nor did he write or publish a sensational July 22, 2015, Houston Press story about the mayoral candidate.

– Devney tells us the allegations contained in this bogus story are completely untrue; we have no reason to believe otherwise.

– We have no idea who's pretending to be us, but we'd sure like to find them.

– Craig Malisow would never end a story with “Namaste.”

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