Isn't nice to see that SA loves The People's Champ?

Something Awful for Paul Wall

Readers of Something Awful usually know what to expect from the satiric site's Awful Link of the Day. It's usually a link to sites devoted to lovers of animated animal erotica; goth poetry; or dudes who get off on pics of women whose boobs are Photoshopped to ten times their normal size. Today's link, however, is a shout-out to Houston's own Paul Wall (hey, a backhanded shout-out is still a shout-out, no?). This should create a whole new audience of connoisseurs-de-grills.

We asked today's Awful Link's selector, Dr. David Thorpe, to answer a few questions. -- Craig Malisow

Craig Malisow: What are the criteria for becoming the Awful Link of the Day, and how did Mr. Wall's website meet these standards?

Dr. Thorpe: The criteria are pretty relaxed. Sometimes the Awful Links are mind-bendingly horrible and sometimes they're just off-kilter. Sometimes they're not awful at all, they're just weirdly amusing. I think Paul Wall is a combination of all three, really.

If you were going to get a grill, what kind would it be?

DT: I had braces as a kid, which is kind of like a grill, if you get the colored rubber bands put on them. If I were to buy a grill from Paul, I'd probably get "Baller on the Rise," because it so perfectly describes my lifestyle.

It's Christmas time, so it's only natural to ask: Would Jesus wear a grill?

DT: I don't think Jesus was a very ostentatious guy. It wouldn't really match his "look." But I bet Santa would wear one.

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