Something's Coming

The countdown has finally dropped to….less than a week. Which isn’t much of a milestone, but if you’re a junkie, you take whatever you can get.

Just six days from now, EA Sports releases the 2008 version of the world’s best video football game. No, it’s not Madden. Let the publicity hounds bay on and on about Madden. We choose not to sully ourselves with rank professionals; instead we deal with the pure, unfettered goodness that comes from amateurs playing for the love of the game.

Lives there a more wholesome version of football than that played in the NCAA? Where student-athletes at such noble institutes of learning as Alabama and Tennessee and Michigan play and practice in the few hours they can spare from diligently pursuing their degrees? Where else would America turn to when it seeks former linebackers who never came close to graduating but who do have two dozen credit hours in kinesiology or sports management or recreation science?

College football is where it’s at, indeed. And NCAA `08 comes out July 17, and fans are already twitching.

This year’s cover boy – which is always a player no longer in the NCAA – is a local quarterback: no, not UH’s Kevin Kolb, sorry. Instead it’s Boise State’s Jared Zabransky!! Who’s, ummm, battling Bradlee Van Pelt for the Houston Texans’ third-string quarterback job.

At any rate, Houstoned Ballz has two experts ready to review the game and provide their opinionated assessment. Since both are 15-year-old boys, they’re perfect for the assignment.

One of them – my kid, actually – is tearing his hair out because he’ll be on vacation when the game comes out, but he’ll survive. And the review will be up not long after he gets back and he and his pal complete an all-night marathon that is sure to remove any and all traces of the little bit of summer reading that has been done so far.

Check this space for updates! -- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.