Somewhat Breaking: One Of BARC's Top Dogs (Get It?!) Resigns, Angrily

Citing a vastly "flawed" system, BARC Senior Community Liaison Kim Grieff has tendered her resignation.

In a June 18 e-mail to Health and Human Services Director Stephen Williams, Assistant Director Michael Terraso and Bureau Chief Ray Sim, Grieff wrote that, "After working over 60 hours per week every week at the facility, and many more outside with little or no support staff, I believe this position was set up for failure. Creating a management position to implement several new programs...simultaneously without a support system, then being berated in meetings regarding the lack of achievements is not only counter-productive, but unprofessional."

Sources have told Hair Balls that Williams berated Grieff during a staff meeting last week. Williams has not responded to a request to confirm or deny this. 

(To be fair, the fact that BARC has such an abysmally low vaccination rate, is suffering a prolonged distemper outbreak, has a chief vet who has been disciplined by two state veterinary boards, and allowed a vet to work at the facility for nearly a decade without proper credentials, then hired a new vet lacking the same credentials, then had another vet quit after barely a few months, and allowed exposed dog cadavers to be driven through the neighborhood is almost certainly 100-percent Grieff's fault. Who else could possibly be liable for such blunders? It certainly couldn't be the director of the city department that oversees BARC, or the assistant director, for that matter. What an absurd notion. No, no, it definitely has to be the fault of a woman who's worked there for less than a year. The fault of a woman who not only oversaw the welfare of dogs and cats, but apparently scapegoats as well).

"BARC has many hurdles to overcome," Grieff's letter continues. "The system is flawed. To achieve the proposed goals, BARC needs to replace 80 percent or more of the staff, then hire additional staff in areas of critical need, such as vet techs, customer service, kennel staff, and most importantly, program managers. Until this occurs, BARC will continue to fight a losing battle.

"My time at BARC has been valuable to both my career and me as a person. I thank you for the opportunity to be part of the BARC team and wish you success in achieving the goals you have set for the future."

The letter states that she will work through July 3. Grieff declined further comment. 

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